Brainstorming: Mech(a) Games

Brainstorming posts are an attempt to come up with game concepts around a specific theme as the mechanical and/or aesthetic focus.

Concept 1

Player(s) fly fighter gunships in a defense swarm around colossal lumbering mechs as they assault fortresses and fight other huge mechs. The fighters must fend off enemy small craft and make trench-run-like strikes against enemy mechs’ weak points. All this while constantly staying aware of the tremendous machines moving near and around them.

Debris, fire, and smoke from the mechs can serve as spectacle, obstacles, and visual indicators of approaching swinging limbs.

Concept 2

A party of players control vehicles that can transform together into a jointly controlled humanoid mech (think Voltron.) They must work together with separate roles and controls similar to Guns of Icarus. One player controls legs and movement, one for torso (+ head?) controlling power management and primary ranged weapons, one each for arms which can transform into weaker weapons platforms (one AA, one anti infantry), and possibly one for the head who acts as commander with various recon tools the ability to direct smaller friendly units on the field or deployed drones.

The vehicles would also be effective in specific roles on their own to force players to weight priorities of combining. The fully formed mech would be very good against other monolithic targets, but be difficult to manage against smaller swarms. Arms might break off to help combat smaller enemies, the head could fly for better recon, and legs fold up into a tank-like vehicle better able to take damage but leaving the main mech operating on cumbersome wheels.

The game could include both single player coop in a variety of scenarios against smaller enemies, defending cities, etc. and a PvP multiplayer wherein mech teams fight one another.

Concept 3

A semi-realistic western mecha game without overt hitpoints of any description. All damage is communicated through damaged systems and degrading performance. Battletech/Mechwarrior has always had an interesting concept of this in the canon that’s only metaphorically translated to game mechanics. They create situations where opponents are not trying to just wear enemies down, but puncturing literal holes in armor to hit exposed components inside is the goal. As it is described it more closely resembles War Thunder’s combat system.

This would create a more personal connection with the war machine, emphasizing the mechanic and not just pilot thematics of the game.

A stealth vehicle game where you pilot an agile humanoid mech in a war still dominated by traditional combat vehicles. You find yourself at the potential dawn of a new age of mech warfare. But there are undeniable benefits to tanks. Any armor you can put on a mech can be placed on a tank with fewer moving and exposed components. The high brass is skeptical, and it falls to you to prove the potential power of a combat mech prototype.

Urban combat is where the design excels, able to maneuver more freely unrestricted by roads, while able to more rapidly respond to new threats. Here is where you will be tested against the cumbersome, but formidable enemy tanks.

Turret and chassis facing act as parallels to vision cones, and it’s up to you to evade and lure enemies out of position to take them down one by one where they cannot leverage their superior firepower. Soon your rooftop shenanigans will need to be rethought. As the game progresses the enemy brings helicopters, anti-tank troops, and other conventional arms to bear. You may not unlock new “abilities” with time. But your evolving knowledge of the city the semi-open world fighting takes place in will serve as your progression reward. Over time you’ll learn good escape routes, places to set up ambushes, and environmental hazards you can use to your advantage.

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