Dev Log: Check-in and Planning

These 2-week work periods I’ve started on aren’t exactly scrum sprints, but are certainly similar. This previous one was relatively successful. I fell a little behind on some of the architecture, and as mentioned previously the art was indeed too big of a task to tackle all at once. Still, good progress was made on all fronts. And the project is in a good spot for my timeline.

So on to the next one!

Next 2-week work period:

Goal: a working game


  • control (mostly-implemented already)
    • movement
    • facing
      • adjust for world scaling (see below)
  • dialogue
    • exchange (class name for dialogue sections)
    • option selection
    • distraction integration
  • world
    • horizon algorithm
      • test implementation of ground textures
    • map storage, likely as csv
  • world objects
    • distractions
      • set adjustment to z to allow overlap with objects
      • sources
      • detection by player character
    • interactive objects
    • non-player agents

Game Week 1:

Everything except testing, and distractions. Expectation is that these elements will be drafted, but not necessarily finalized. The relative lack of objectives in week 2 is intended to leave room for finalizing these elements. Work on distractions will almost certainly be started this week, but expected to still be WIP by the week’s end.


Game Week 2:

Distractions, testing, and minor tuning.


As an added element I’ll be continuing work on the art style development. Ideally the style sheet will be complete by the end of game week 2, but as a bare minimum the 3 full style drafts will be complete, and experiment with them with color. 1 is already in a fairly good state.


Regarding adjusting the distraction detection/facing for the world scaling, I’ll need to adjust it so that the angles and distances are believable. As below the distance forward should be squished to represent the angled distance. Fine tuning can wait of course, but the initial algorithm used uses the same angle in all directions.


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