Dev Log: Long Term Planning

The game is in good shape, but between a family visit, and another project I’m behind where I wanted to be. It’s good that I’ve been scheduling the long term goals with buffer time, and stretch-goal content that can easily be cut if needed. Still, my aim in these coming weeks is to play catch up, and not just write off the stretch goals just yet.

Currently I’m envisioning something like this for the coming weeks:

Thursday – full game systems demoable*
Week 1 – game systems + visual systems, initial art style selected
Week 2 – buffer, will be used for spillover and unforeseen issues, otherwise will begin Week 3’s target early, will also include an initial, but full art style sheet
Week 3 – content and asset production
Week 4 – content and asset production, additional focus on tuning
Week 5 – polish, and tuning

*Most of these are already implemented, but need final touches (focus is on “demoable”). Does not include minor variations on core gameplay that can easily be expanded on later. Ex: distractions are fully implemented, but moving distractions may not be.


Additional geometric art experimentation had some really great results using triangles instead of rectangles or squares. I do not have the more fleshed out originals scanned, but here are templates for the male and female front silhouettes for the game. Proportions of individual triangles can be manipulated for a variety of simple, but expressive body types.


Left arm on the woman was left as is to demonstrate that this is not intended, and will not work as too literal of a model. In this case the left arm’s silhouette would break outside the triangle to approximate the width of the right. I will also animate the woman with more realistically delineated articulation at the hips and pelvis. This initial exercise was focused on breaking down recognizably male and female silhouettes into as few triangles as possible. It was just coincidence that the male depiction includes a close approximation of where joints are.

Headway has been made on the code as well, but is not currently in a demoable state. Thus my current short term goal.

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