Dev Log: Crunch Abounds

With the deadline approaching, and biggest roadblock behind me, updates will be coming fast and furious now. Some proper crunch time to wrap up the project, and compile a formal report on it. I don’t believe I’ll be posting the report here, but it’s targeted as 30+ pages, and will be taking up a large portion of my time in addition to the other game project I’m working on.

Since last time:

The visual model is in good shape now. Everything aligns nicely, and it just needs a healthy bit of tuning down the road to narrow in on the right feel.

I’ve got basic ground sprites working (a road in this case). It stays forever below non-ground sprites while otherwise following the same parabolic path as other objects. The scaling had to be altered slightly because at a distance the road tiles would separate. I haven’t tested it thoroughly yet, but I’m guessing this will apply to non-ground objects too. Just something to keep in mind while tuning the model.

I’m also pumping out drafted assets now. There’s a template for male characters completed, including versions facing all 4 cardinal directions. I didn’t have time to get together the formal style guide I had planned, but am happy with what’s being developed on the fly. Which still adheres to the elements of style I discussed targeting in previous posts.


(the style in the side views is a bit more refined, and I’ll be redoing the shading on the front/back shirts when there’s time)

Corresponding with the differently facing sprites the WorldAgent class now saves references to directional sprites and switches between them appropriately.

Lastly I’m working towards a basic loading system that should be implemented by Sunday at the latest, but targeting sooner. I’ve mapped out the hierarchy of classes and attributes that need to be saved and loaded. The plan is to handle this all via JSON. And given my time constraints, the functionality will be limited to loading the entire world for now. Loading chunks by proximity and saving will be set aside for the full game.


Until then, and given other, specifically design-driven decisions, there’s a very rudimentary system implemented now that removes all objects the player is more than a certain distance past. The player simply cannot backtrack more than a certain distance from the farthest they’ve been. In the full game this will be implemented more naturally within the context of the game world. One easy possibility would be to have the protagonist manifest a distraction behind them of the game’s objective if they go back too far.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. A tremendous amount of work to do. But I have a tremendous, color-coded gant chart of sorts to match. Between that and my rigorous daily schedule I’ve set out for myself I should be all set.


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