Dev Log: Crunch Update

Today the loading from JSON is in progress.

Functionality is now in for checking for distractions overlapping objects, so that they can block other distraction sources. We’ll see if there’s enough time to fully implement this element.

Given time constraints, additional art assets may not be as polished as the drafts of the male character. For now the focus is on getting functional stand-ins created that very roughly capture the aesthetic purely for the sake of establishing the game’s tone. That said, some interesting things have come from the need to create assets quickly.

convenience store interior

I like the sketched marker look to the shading on the floor. The flat look with bold colors also works with the storybook-ish feel I was going for, though the exact shades definitely need to change (something more pastel-ish probably). I wanted to theme everything in the starting store green both to match the man’s shirt, but also as a pleasant, positive color as a place of relative comfort for the protagonist. I also like the idea of semi-monochromatic palettes for individual areas.

In formalizing the content to be implemented now and in the future I’ve created a dictionary of puzzle components to aid both in teaching the player, and in creating more advanced puzzles more easily. Below distractions are blue with tails pointing to their red sources. If a red source is on top of a distraction it represents one that would be blocked by that distraction. Thus if the overlapping distraction were visible then that source’s distraction would not be visible. The sets of arrows represent facings of the player that would work to traverse a part of a puzzle (green is a valid solution, pale purple does not).

First the most basic building blocks. Each of which represents a single source + distraction pair and orientation relative to the player that creates most of the basic solution sets: one side + centre,  one side only, either side.





Narrow Lead:

narrow lead

And then multi-source patterns, starting with one I consider more important than the others, and likely any to follow as it creates the 4th and final single solution set: centre only.



Alternator: (forces player to change between left and right facing)


False Wall: (false complexity, can be traversed by facing forward the whole length as the player moves past a blocking distraction allowing another to block the barrier distraction’s source)

false wall

False Path: (looks initially that it can be solved by facing forward, but moving past the first source reveals the second, which creates the barrier)

false path

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