Warframe Concept: Syn’s Weapons

These two weapons would accompany Syn’s release as her signature weapons. They’re intended to compliment her play style, and provide unique build options for all frames.

All numbers use eyeballed fuzzy math used. These have not been run through spreadsheet testing yet.

Direct concept art is original work by me, all other images are borrowed purely for reference and I claim no credit for.


Syn’s hypersonic railgun. Its serrated ammo is infamously destructive when striking weak points, but loses power over longer distances.
Applies a status proc on headshots.


type: sniper

damage: 250
puncture: 65%
slash: 25%
impact: 10%
magazine: 1
max ammo: 50
reload speed: 1.25s
ROF: n/a
status: 0%
crit: 18%
crit multiplier: 2.5%

combo decay: 2.4s
min. combo: 3

projectile: hitscan
1.25x + 50% status damage, and duration
2.5x + 100% status damage, and duration
Max damage: 40m
Min damage: 600m

Design notes:


High accuracy, close range holdout weapon. Crowd control, debuffing.

What makes it unique?:

Sniper rifle that loses effectiveness at long ranges.
Unique interactions with status stats.
Unique/new sniper scope bonus.
Above 2 lead to potential unique builds/roles relying on various elements like gas. Could reward building elemental damage, but excluding extraneous elements for consistency.



A crossbow railgun. The regular angled slats on the side of the casing dimly emit the energy color. This flares when firing.


The bow arms retract (on their own) as though struggling against a ratchet. and lock angled back with a click. The warframe places a new round in the chamber from behind and above.


A narrow vapor trail appears instantly from barrel to target. The click, and thunk of the charging bows to either side of the barrel. flicking forward. After ~0.5 seconds a larger tapered column of vapor and swirling energy explodes from the initial path with a sonic CRACK!

Palisade and Parapet

mace and shield
Syn’s eternal shield, worn and twisted beneath the . Paired with a mace renowned for laying low all in its path.
Ground finishers are guaranteed crits.


type: sword and shield
damage: 125
puncture: 30%
slash: 0%
impact: 70%
slam damage: 250
slide damage: 150
wall damage: 500
attack speed: 0.58
status: 20%
crit: 10%
crit multiplier: 3x
block resist: 90%
stance: V
other: 1x V

Design notes:


Highly defensive utility weapon with low typical dps potential. But is capable of large, single target burst via ground finishers.
Not intended to be a competitive weapon

What makes it unique?:

Creates a potential build-around for rarely used stats/mods that affect finishers.
Potential for a melee weapon that incentivizes  deliberate play.



Like a resilient stone face that has withstood blasting, and debris. Haphazardly jagged from missing chunks, but with individual faces worn smooth as though sandblasted or sheared from a tempered material.

shape, and texture (but not surface + light properties) of obsidian.

Design Notes:

Goal with numbers was to make it a very slow all-rounder. Hard hits, but due to lack of speed, default elemental, and slide damage it will be strictly worse than Silva Aegis Prime for typical use. Upon testing, any adjustments should seek to preserve above all else:

  • hard hitting ground finishers
  • high guard %



Thanks for reading. In the next couple days I’ll also be posting a major proposal to significantly improve Warframe’s new player experience.

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