World War 2: 1914–2142

(this was originally published October 2016 on a mirrored blog of mine) Battlefield 1 has been compared to a WWI-skinned WWII game, so is it? Well, the better question is which military shooters aren’t WWII games? Fewer than you think. Possibly every mainstream military shooter owes its design to World War 2. World War 2 … Continue reading World War 2: 1914–2142

Alien Nazi Zombies

The art of making killing fun. Despite their clear separation from reality, games often benefit from and rely on thematic tricks to make killing that much more palatable. The easiest and most common is simply the choice of enemies. Those with the broadest appeal, aliens, nazis, and zombies, will be discussed here. We'll break down … Continue reading Alien Nazi Zombies